Is True Success to Know the Way and Go the Way? It is for me, yet when it comes to you living a life of true success is that the case for you?

I’ve just finished giving a presentation here in Vilnius and those attending wanted to know what a life of true success meant to me. So I told them, true success for me is to know the way and then go the way.

Going on to explain to them as like I had written in The Six Traits of Self-leadership that many people often wait to be hit between the eyes – to have that moment of clarity about the life they need to live for it to be a happier and more successful one. Yet, it rarely works that way. The reality is that it usually takes years of trying and failing and trying again: lots of ups and downs and not quite getting it right, but feeling closer and closer, warmer and warmer, to the life you want to live.

That self-leadership is about going for it, facing the challenges with courage and determination, taking the disappointments with a sense of humour, hanging in there when the going gets tough and never giving up the thought that you will get there in the end, for you surely will.

Then finishing by saying that while I could tell them that this was what success was for me, it didn’t really matter a jot – for what was really the most important thing was for each one of them individually to define what life they need to be living for it to be one of real and true success for them.
So what would it actually mean to you to live a life of Self-leadership and have the life you need for it to be one of real and true success? What is the one thing you can now do to see this life become a reality – go on take that first step to bring your life forward?