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Become A Leading Light

Many of us like to believe in the existence of eureka moments in which we’ll suddenly come to understand why we were born and what we need to be doing so as to become a leading light within our own life and work.

The storytellers in my new book Showing Your True Colours will tell you it rarely ever goes down that way. They will tell you that while there may have been no one overriding eureka moment, there was a whole sequence of insights instead.

Moreover, it was these insights that inspired them to figure out why they were born and the life they now wanted to live if it were to be one of real success for them. For many of them, it was a case of:

  • First insight: they were at a place in their life but it was not where they wanted to be.
  • Second insight: they had to admit this to themselves if they were to have any chance of their life getting better.
  • Third insight: they knew they would have to take ownership of the life they were living and figure out why they were born if they wanted things to change.
  • Fourth insight: they needed now to accept that they would have to go and live the life they were born to live if they were to be true to themselves and have a life worth living.

The storytellers accepted that they had gotten themselves into a situation of living a life that had mostly lost its sense of meaning and purpose for them – the two key ingredients to a joyful and productive life. They also now knew that if they wanted a different and better life than the one, they were currently living, then they had to do something about it if they wanted anything to change. That it was their responsibility to go and make the change happen, even if they had no idea how they were going to do this.

The inner journey

The first step to changing the storytellers’ lives involved acknowledging that they were not where they wanted to be in life. They then accepted that it was up to them and them alone to do something about it. But what is it that makes people begin to question the life they are living? Often, it might be a milestone event, such as being made redundant. Or it could involve doing a course or committing to work on personal growth and development. It could even mean deciding to actively pursue a dream.
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The work you need to be doing to live your best life

The stories and the tellers of them in my new book “Showing Your True Colours” will most likely challenge you, yet they will also get you imagining. They will give you hope, inspiration, and above all else, encourage you to figure out why you were born and the work you need to be doing to live your best life.

The stories also show that having decided to follow their true calling, these people often had no idea how everything was going to work out for them. It was a challenge to leave behind their old lives, for it often meant losing the security and safety that went with doing what they knew. While knowing what they wanted to do with their life and work, many of them were not sure how achievable this would be. At some point, they had to take a leap of faith from the life they were living to the life they wanted to live.

And living their new life affected all areas of their existence – their health, relationships, wealth, work, hobbies, interests and the legacy they will now leave behind. This can be the case for you too.
How can I promise you this? Well, for the simple reason that I lived, trained and studied to be a monk for nearly a decade, along with my knowledge gained from over thirty-plus years of working with people to enable them to answer these sorts of questions, and what I discovered about the meaning of true success by driving halfway around the world, from London to Sydney along the Silk Road. All of these experiences have enabled me to write this book and share the stories of other people just like you, who have found their own answers – as you will too, having finished it. Yes, that really can be the case. Having discovered why you were born and what you were put here to do, you give yourself the best chance of living the life you want.

Showing Your True Colours, published by Genius Media, is available from:
Amazon and Genius Media

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