Life is full of uncertainty and risk, and that your decisions and planning for the new year and years ahead must take this into account when going forward to live the life you truly want to live.

You must make sure to deal with the practical and financial implications of living the life you were born to live, aware that if you are scared your thinking won’t be rational. The brain is extraordinary, and once you get rid of the fear, it usually finds an answer. And when you do, you will see how many other things start to fall into place.

So yes, to starting the new year by making comprehensive plans for the future, only there is a need to remind yourself that, while it’s ok to make plans don’t make the mistake of planning the outcome! That you continue to keep taking the next right step, despite the difficulty and all that this can appear to be. Knowing that when you do, it will keep bringing you towards where your work and life need to be going.

Like those who shared their stories in my latest book Showing Your True Colours many of the storytellers, showed that the creative impulse can often improve with time and experience. This could be because of our accumulated memories, as older adults are often good at connecting the dots. This sort of wisdom can lead to mature people being very innovative. Maybe it is because of this wisdom and the lessons learnt from life that today we are seeing greater numbers of older adults becoming entrepreneurs. In addition, the more we recognise and support them in this, the more they will express this form of creativity for the betterment of us all. All the same, while the creative impulse can often improve with time and experience, this should not be an excuse to wait to get going!

So, truly do want to wish you the very best for the New Year, and years ahead as you get going to see the plans you have for your life and work become the reality you so want them to be in 2024.

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