Are you allowing your past to hold you back? Do you spend your days dreaming about a better future? You are not alone.

The Six Traits of Self-Leadership will assist and support you to reach your full potential so as to have a more successful and happier life. It will help you to take ownership of your present situation, accept where you are in your life, and then to invest the time and energy in setting out where you want to be.

Too many people wait to be hit between the eyes – to experience a moment of clarity about the life they need to live to be happy and successful. But the clarity rarely comes.

Instead, it often takes years of trying, failing and trying again: lots of ups and downs and not quite getting it right, but feeling closer and closer to the life you want to live.

The Six Traits of Self-Leadership is about going for it, facing the challenges with courage and determination, taking the disappointments with a sense of humor, hanging in there when the going gets tough and never giving up the thought that you will get there in the end.

What would it actually mean to you to live a life of self-leadership? Would your life change for the better? Are you ready? Then let’s begin...


Have you ever asked the question “What do I need to be successful?”
The answer is

  • healthy self-confidence,
  • calmness and,
  • awareness

You achieve self-confidence through Bildung. Bildung is translated literally as “higher Education”. Bildung is what’s left over when you subtract your lessons learned from your knowledge. Bildung is active! Bildung is not a customer relationship. It is not edutainment or a passive education where you learn a lot. It’s all up to you!

Calmness means: Don’t go charging in. Lay back, think for a while before you act. One night is all it takes.  Be aware. Look into the eyes of your partners. Do they understand your message?

In order to understand more, read this book!

Professor. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Mühlenbeck, Heidelberg – Germany