It can be tempting to wait until the ‘perfect’ moment and to be in the perfect position before attempting to live the life you truly want to enjoy. This is understandable, for so much importance is placed upon our being correct and being perfect. To be perfect in every sense, whether that’s having the perfect teeth, figure, career, clothes, hair and partner, or the perfect life. The truth is that the idea of being perfect is really about trying to earn approval and being concerned about what others will think. It means being afraid of making mistakes, not meeting other people’s or your own expectations – and the criticism that often goes with this.

If you strive to always get things right and achieve a sense of perfection, there is one sure outcome that this will have, and that is, it will crush your creativity. And being creative is exactly what you are doing when you set out to live your best life – for you truly are creating a new life. It is therefore often the pressure of perfection that stops people in their tracks from living their life to the full. If this is the case for you, please remember there’s a lovely Egyptian proverb that says: ‘A beautiful thing is never perfect.’

Likewise, at times you will often be your own greatest critic as you set out on your journey to your best life, so you don’t need to take on board what others think of you on top of this. Change your attitude to a case of doing the right thing but not always about having to do everything right.

As well as perfectionism, there is the fear of failing. This too can and often does hold people back, as not only do they not want to fail but they don’t want to be seen as a failure. The thing is, will these fears be strong enough to stop you from going forward with your life? Do you have what it takes or are you prepared to learn what it takes to deal with these fears and take the necessary steps to move your life forward? Remember that the best way to deal with any fear is to face it head-on.

Truly do want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you back here in January and the start of a great 2024.
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