Are you in danger of letting life pass you by and don’t want this to be the case for you anymore. Have you got to a point where you are ready to play a hand in creating the life you want to live – even with all the challenges involved. That to survive is no longer enough, that you want to thrive in life; and now accept that there is a timeline involved if this is ever going to happen for you. Has it become a case of getting going, for you truly now understand that time and tide wait for no one.

Something has to give if you want to come home to who you really are. To ask whether your life choices and decisions are comforting and nourishing your spirit, or whether they only offer a temporary respite from having to deal with hard emotions, which are ultimately diminishing your spirit.

Are your choices leading to a life of genuine success, or do they leave you feeling empty? For having accepted that you no longer want to go on living the life you are living, you then have to make a choice based on:
1. Do I sit here and spend the rest of my days complaining and whining about the life I am living?
2. Do I get up, take responsibility for my life and go figure out what I am meant to be doing with it – and then go live it, whatever it takes?
Having answered ‘no’ to the first and ‘yes’ to the second, then it really comes down to creating a new future for yourself. For once you understand your true purpose in life:

  • Clarity comes more quickly, which leads to your having more belief in the direction you want to bring to your life, which leads to your making faster decisions;
  • When you make faster decisions, you’ll often be the one who reaches a decision first and winds up making the best choices; when you make the best choices, you have more opportunity for the best experiences.

Likewise, to know these truths:

  • Living your life in accordance with why you were born is the straightest path to power and the ultimate source of personal strength, strength of belief and strength to persevere.
  • The prescription for achieving extraordinary results lies in knowing what matters to you and then taking daily doses of action in alignment with this.
  • Having clarity around the life you want to be living will help you when things just don’t seem to be going your way.
  • Living your life in accordance with what you really want to be doing will provide the ultimate glue to help you stick to the path you’ve set yourself towards and the life you desire.
  • When what you are doing matches the life you are meant to be living, your days will feel harmonious, and the path you beat with your feet seems to match the sound in your head and heart.
  • Living your life in accordance with whatever it is that you truly want to do is the most powerful approach of all and the happiest.

For a sense of purpose, meaning and significance all make for a successful life. To have that desire to become the author of your own life and the captain of your own ship. Maintain that longing to be true to yourself. To now do the work that this entails, you have to rise and shine and commit to doing it.

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