Well it is the Summer Time and being the eternal optimist, it always starts in May for me anyway, and is the living easier for you? It’s my experience that those who achieve their best and have success and happiness, do so because they do not allow their past to hold them back; nor do they spend their days dreaming about a better future. They take ownership of their present situation, accept where it is they are in life, and then take the time and invest the energy in setting out where it is they want their life to be. In doing so, they show the hallmark of being a self-leader within their own life. Only they now go further and live the life of a self-leader, taking the action necessary to see the future they want for their life actually become a reality.

They do not confuse living in the now with living in the future. Always remaining hopeful for the future but here, today, is where their life is taking place, regardless of the season. They don’t dwell on the past, as there is a need to remain hopeful for the future, only it is now where they live life to the best of their ability. They live in the here and now and, at the same time, make real and positive decisions that will bring them forward.

Yes luck favours the brave and, and if you want to live the life of a self-leader, you will need some element of luck, but you will also need to be brave and determined. To make the decisions that need to be made and then go take the necessary action to see them become a reality. Anyway the fact is, luck often only comes to those who do the legwork, the ones who are prepared to put the time, effort and energy into looking at where they want to be in their life and how best to make this a reality. They are the ones who have the determination to go on and take action to make sure they have a chance of achieving the life they want to live. They understand that they must take on the traits of the self-leader within their life and work if they are to succeed and be successful.

So, please regardless of the time of the year or how hard or easy life is for you now, go take the necessary action to see that you are living a life of true and real success