It’s going to be a vote on the Leadership of the Prime Minister by all accounts….

When you hear the word ‘leadership’, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it management, power, position or something that you are born to do. When asked to name leaders they admire, most people think of, for example, Nelson Mandela and the Mahatma Gandhi’s of this world. Like the British Prime Minister they may well be leaders in their own right, yet there has to be more to it than just that.

For the leadership I like to write and talk about is one starting with a small ‘l’ not a big ‘L’, in the sense of what the traditional definition of a leader is. For me leadership starts with Self-leadership and this in truth begins with us as individuals and our willingness to improve our life. There’s no need for big or grandiose achievements. While these may happen, they don’t have to for you to live a life of self-leadership. Becoming a self-leader doesn’t mean you have to set out to save the world or anything like that. What is meant is that you identify what you love and want to do in life. Having done this, you then give it your all to make these things happen, to take ownership and the responsibility to see that they become an integral part of everything you do as you move forward with your life.

To recognise and accept the fact that overcoming difficulties and problems successfully does lead to a greater sense of fulfilment. That the challenges faced and overcome will make you stronger, ready for the next challenge and whatever difficulties or problems life will present. Sooner or later, most people learn that the future is not determined so much by what happens to them. Who they are and what they become will be decided predominantly by how they respond to the difficulties and problems that confront them.

So I wish all those voting in the up-coming election every success and the very best of wishes.