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The Dubs, self-leadership and achieving your goals

The Dubs, self-leadership and achieving your goals in September. You may well ask what’s this all about then. While it’s great to achieve your goals, for the self-leader it’s as much about how you do achieve them.

The Dublin football team have been working towards this day since they last picked up the Sam Maguire in September of 2017.
They knew just like Mark Twain that the secret of getting ahead was by getting started at the right time. And the secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

Like all Self-leaders they know that having a vision (of winning the All-Ireland) means more than just bringing the cup back home. It is as much about how they were going to get there. This is why it is vital to have a personal mission statement that supports the vision of what it is you want to achieve.

When there is an understanding of where you want to go with your life and work, and how you want to get there, then it is possible to review and recommit to it frequently. When you have a real and genuine sense of ownership over how it is you are going to achieve your vision, you will be much more upbeat and enthusiastic about the journey ahead. The most effective way to achieve what you have set out to do is to develop a personal mission statement. This focuses on what you want to be and the values or principles you want to follow in pursuit of your vision. The mission statement itself might be very short, perhaps not more than a sentence or paragraph. But development of the mission statement should grow out of deep introspection and a great deal of reflection. In a short and distinct way, the mission statement needs to answer the following question: “How will you live as a person as you move forward to reach the vision you have for your life and work?”

It is better to follow your own life’s mission, however imperfectly, than to assume the life mission of another person, however successfully.
The Bhaghavad Gita

A personal mission statement based on good principles will set out the way you want to live your life and the standards you aspire to live by. It can serve as a personal constitution or charter, as the foundation for making major life and work decisions. It will help you build a firm grounding on which to achieve your vision for the future and remind you how you will get there.

Having a written mission statement will give you a focus, keep you on track or get you back on track if you do stray.

A mission statement will have the following positive effects:

• It will act as a great mechanism for your long-term development as a person.
• It will support you in everyday decision-making.
• It will motivate and arouse positive emotion.

Having a written mission statement will provide a focus and keep you pointed in the right direction, reminding you where it is you want to get to and how it is you want to get there. It will allow you to flow with changes. Having your mission statement written down allows you to look at it regularly and make any necessary changes and improvements as you grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Summer time, self-leadership and achieving your goals

Ok, so the new year’s resolutions may well have come and gone without any great success. The only thing at this time of year it’s all about summer time, self-leadership and achieving your goals for me. To now refocus on and achieve your goals rather than wait for another new year to start.

To remember that the easiest and simplest way to achieve your goals is to make sure they are:

Precise and measurable
Precise and measurable goals give a yardstick for gauging progress. When it comes to setting goals, you need to be precise, in other words have accurate, detailed and specific expected outcomes so you can measure achievement. When you do this, you’ll know exactly when you have achieved the goal and can take complete satisfaction from having achieved it. This, in turn, will keep you motivated to achieve other goals.

Personally challenging, but realistic
A goal is something that should challenge you to grow and use your potential to its fullest. It’s fine if, when you establish the goal, you don’t know exactly how it will be achieved. This is of the upmost importance. When setting your vision, you have to establish the destination regardless of knowing how you are going to get there. However, you often have to set the goal without knowing how you are going to achieve it.

Specify a time period in which it ought to be achieved
Attaching a date to goals creates a sense of urgency that puts the power and drive behind your daily and weekly actions to achieve it. A goal without a date by which it is to be achieved, is just a dream. Always state each goal as a positive statement, for instance refer to owning your own home, as opposed to having a house with a twenty-five-year mortgage around your neck. While moving in the direction of achieving goals, there is a need to check daily to ensure you are taking the right action(s) to see these goals implemented. Reviewing them regularly is also a great way of reminding yourself of the progress made and what is now most important to you.

There is a need to always stay mindful of the fact that if you are prepared to spend the time and put in the effort, it is possible to set clearly defined, meaningful goals. And once you have clearly defined goals, you can easily measure and take pride in achieving them. Thus, it is possible to see progress in what might otherwise seem like a long and, at times, unachievable journey towards the life you want to be living.

So, go on and set the goals you need to achieve between now and the end of year to bring you closer to living a life of true and real success.

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