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Really am so grateful to have had the chance to meet with and listen to some really challenging, informative and inspiring people in Trinity College Dublin today talking about Self-Leadership in its own way.

While we may have been there to discuss Ethics in Sport, it ended up being all about Self-leadership for me.

Listening to Oisin McConville, the Armagh legend and Mental Health Campaigner talk about his life. And how it was he had to face his demons if he was to ever overcome and deal with his well-publicised gambling addiction. A truly inspirational and challenging talk given by such a humble man. It really was a privilege to be in his presence and get to hear him share his story in person.

The Therapist, Author and Broadcaster Gareth O’Callaghan talked about his own struggles in life and how it was he dealt with and is overcoming them. He really did speak from the heart and has such a beautiful way with words.

Fintan Drury, the Platinum One sports agent shared so many insights from his work as an agent to sports stars. A real challenge to remain ethical in what can be a very un-ethical business. His honesty and the way he spoke about his working life was just so insightful. A joy to listen to him.

Mike Cronin, the sports historian and author gave a powerful presentation on the expectations we can have of ourselves and of others. You could hear the passion with which he spoke about this and the amount of thought, time, effort and energy he put into his talk. It was challenging yet in the best way possible.

Dr Katie Liston, the sports legend and academic called it as she sees it when it comes to how we treat each other. How it is we might meet and see people on a physical level yet how we so need to go beyond this and really see what is going on for those that we know and meet daily. Again, you could see how much this whole area means to her and like Mike the amount of time, effort and energy she put into her talk.

All ages were catered for and the Hurling Icon Joe Canning gave a super interview. A humble, grounded and all-round good guy. And to think he had just won the hurler of year award the night before, you would never know this by the way he shared his insights and knowledge as he always strives to be the best that you can be.

We had our lighter moments too with the biker, comedian, actor and broadcaster PJ Gallagher sharing his story. He was funny, honest and just a joy to listen to. Like Joe, a very humble, genuine and all around good guy.

George Hamilton, the RTE commentator, spoke of his life, growing up and his career to date. He shared how grateful he is for all the good times that were and are in his life. He spoke too about the people who are giving something back to those who haven’t had the same opportunities in life as the rest of us.

Colm O’Rourke the retired Gaelic footballer and sports broadcaster was forthright in sharing his views on how it is we must work together for the betterment of all. Once again, a challenging and insightful presentation. He was very honest and very open in sharing his own thoughts and insights on life.

All people laying testament to the fact that Self-leadership is about going for it, facing the challenges with courage and determination, taking the disappointments with a sense of humour, hanging in there when the going gets tough and never giving up the thought that you will get there in the end, for you surely will.

Brexit and the British Prime Minister – a Vote on Leadership

It’s going to be a vote on the Leadership of the Prime Minister by all accounts….

When you hear the word ‘leadership’, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it management, power, position or something that you are born to do. When asked to name leaders they admire, most people think of, for example, Nelson Mandela and the Mahatma Gandhi’s of this world. Like the British Prime Minister they may well be leaders in their own right, yet there has to be more to it than just that.

For the leadership I like to write and talk about is one starting with a small ‘l’ not a big ‘L’, in the sense of what the traditional definition of a leader is. For me leadership starts with Self-leadership and this in truth begins with us as individuals and our willingness to improve our life. There’s no need for big or grandiose achievements. While these may happen, they don’t have to for you to live a life of self-leadership. Becoming a self-leader doesn’t mean you have to set out to save the world or anything like that. What is meant is that you identify what you love and want to do in life. Having done this, you then give it your all to make these things happen, to take ownership and the responsibility to see that they become an integral part of everything you do as you move forward with your life.

To recognise and accept the fact that overcoming difficulties and problems successfully does lead to a greater sense of fulfilment. That the challenges faced and overcome will make you stronger, ready for the next challenge and whatever difficulties or problems life will present. Sooner or later, most people learn that the future is not determined so much by what happens to them. Who they are and what they become will be decided predominantly by how they respond to the difficulties and problems that confront them.

So I wish all those voting in the up-coming election every success and the very best of wishes.

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