It was all going to well while teaching in Germany at Nordhausen University about getting out of your comfort zone so as to live a life of Self-leadership. In fact it was going really well until I was challenged in a very public way to get out of my own comfort zone. They (whoever they are) say we teach what it is we most need to learn!

A colleague and great friend also teaching there at the same time threw down the gauntlet for the closing ceremony at the end of the week when we had finished delivering our courses – he was teaching on team work as it so happened.

For the closing ceremony along with his students he was going to give a demonstration on the work they had been doing to the rest of us (about six hundred people invited for the closing ceremony). The demonstration was to involve getting a number of the other teachers who had also been teaching there for the week (about thirty five teachers from twenty countries from around the world) to also participate.

Now all I’ll say is the presentation was to involve fruit, blind folds and swords – very sharp swords. I had seen a similarly presentation done in the past and just being in the audience was nerve racking – now they wanted me to be part of it. In fact, to be the finial part of the overall act – the only person to be lying down when the sword was to be finally swung.

I had to make a decision, to either stay in the audience or get out of my own comfort zone and walk the talk – well with a friend like Amerjit (he’s the one with the sword) it was just that bit easier to walk the talk and get out of my own comfort zone and play my part in the demonstration.

Enjoy the video (and please believe me when I tell you he really can’t see through the blind fold and the sword is sharp, very sharp) and yes that is me lying down. Go on take a calculated risk today and move a little out of your own comfort zone in pursuit of the true success you want for your life and work.


Take good care of yourself and all the best for now.