How many people are just going through the motions of day to day living, reliving the same week over and over again? Indeed, for many people nowadays, it is not only a matter of going through the motions: it is a case of hanging in there and getting through each day, living day to day. People speak in terms of success being about survival, both personally and professionally right now.

People end up watching the same programmes on television, making the same daily journey(s), doing the same things day in, day out. They build their lives around the schedules they have for their work, home and sleep. They keep their head down and get on with it without allowing themselves time to break out of the daily cycle of their lives.

This gives them no time to think or work towards having a better and brighter future for themselves, their family and their community.

Is this the case for you? Honestly, are you one of those people going through the motions of day to day living, reliving the same week over and over? Or are you just hanging in there, getting through each day, living day to day?

Many people are in this situation, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It is my belief that each and every person can live a life of success and happiness, regardless of their past or the life they are living right now. While they may never have taken the time to think about what they want and why they want it that does not mean it has to be this way.

So for those of you lucky enough to have a holiday and get a break away from it all, it really is a great opportunity to have some time out from all the hustle and bustle of everyday living. To give yourself sometime to reflect on and think about how it is you could; live a more fulfilled, contented and successful life. Learn how to re-invent or re-engineer your life and work. Foster wise decision making within your life and work. How it is you can give yourself the opportunity to have a clear focus on the life you want to be living. Draw up the goals to be achieved to have such a life – take some time to review the goals you may have set for yourself back in January and how best you can now achieve them.

So for any of you who are lucky enough to get a holiday and some time away from it all enjoy, just enjoy and maybe do a little of the above.