Leonard Cohen was without doubt a massively creative person. The only thing is I always got the impression that being the person he was, he was more interested in other people being creative.

That whether it be through listening to his music or whatever worked best for the other person that they would stop regularly to take time to sharpen their minds and rest their bodies so as to allow themselves some chance of being truly creative in their life and work. For he really did believe that getting creative would empower you to move in an upward spiral of growth, change and continuous improvement for our own betterment and in turn for the betterment of human kind.

It was as if he was always encouraging us to allow ourselves some quality time to think about the life we are living and the life we want to be living and to then get us thinking creatively about how we could then bridge this gap.

He understood that only a minority of people believe they are creative. That for the most part people are not educated to value and encourage creativity in their life and work.

So yes we cry for what’s gone only we make sure to smile for what was. Maybe our legacy to him is to get in touch with our own creativity.

Now remember you cannot get creative just by reading about it or watching it: there is a need to throw yourself into it. Creativity is not limited by circumstances. You have to get stuck in there and get your hands dirty to allow it to have a real and genuine impact on your life; to allow creativity to inform you where you want your life and work to go.

So what one thing can you do today that would allow some creative into your life?