Well then if you truly you want to live a life of success and happiness, you really need to define what this means to you. Doing this will provide a focus on what you need to do to achieve this. This is something that must be done continuously as your definition can and often will change throughout life.

What you might have considered to be success and happiness in your twenties might not be the same in your thirties and forties, for example. Even on a daily basis, it is often relative to what you need on that day or at that particular time in your life.

Now, what if you’re not in a position to build your life and work around your passions and strengths? Does this mean you can’t have success and happiness in your life and work? No, of course not, there is always the future even if it might not be possible to follow your passions and strengths right now. However, you can still see what you can do right now that will move you in the direction of more success and happiness, either now or in the future.

You can never get to where you want to go unless you know where you are going. The same applies to success and happiness. How do you know what this means to you unless you have taken the time to define it? To begin with, it is enough just to define success and happiness – forget about how you are going to reach it. Right now, that is not important. What is important is stating very clearly what you want and why it is so important to have it. Do this first and then look at how best to achieve it.

In the end, nobody cares how much money they made or what car they drove or what awards they won. You cannot take anything of monetary value with you when you die. It is better not to wait until the end of your life to realise that it was the relationships you had and the actions you took to improve the lives of others that mattered most. Appreciate these things today. Many people don’t even ask themselves what it would mean to be truly successful and happy. For doing so might lead to even greater disappointment. If they set out to discover what they want in their life, knowing this and then believing they can’t achieve it might be even more frustrating.

Only you can set out a path that is worth travelling in pursuit of your vision of the life you want. Once you have set out to achieve your vision, you will be successful because you will be on the right path in life. You will not only enjoy the moment of reaching your vision but also the journey there.

Self-leaders set out clearly in their mind where they want their life and work to be in the future. They then put this vision down on paper so it’s clearly written in front of their eyes. Once they have done this, they take the steps needed to make this vision a reality.

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Cover Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay