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Do you want to have more success in your work in 2021?

Do hope you got to have a good Christmas and truly do want to wish you the very best for 2021 and start this year by asking –

Do you want to have more success in your work in 2021?

Well, if have answered yes to this then do please read on.

For the truth is that, as you focus on doing the pieces of the job you enjoy you will have more energy and enthusiasm to achieve the success you do want in your work. Likewise, your willingness to become very good at what you love to do – for its own sake – is crucial to success. In a strange way, for those who stay true to what they love to do, things actually have a knack of turning out better than they imagined they would.

That you feel you are worthy of the success, you want. Successful people do not obsess over what others may think about them and their work. They are more concerned with doing what they love, than with being loved. They have found success that lasts because they have pursued that which matters to them – often at the cost of popularity or recognition. Most people do the opposite: they do things because of their need for approval, popularity or recognition, rather than pursuing what matters to them.

To discover where your strengths lay your strengths and then put them to use in pursuit of doing what you love to do. Believe in yourself and your talents; discover what it is that you are passionate about; pursue your dreams, and do not worry about getting a “good job”. Decide to do only what it is you love to do.

Every decision we make in life comes from either a place of fear or a place of love. Successful people focus on being good at what is meaningful to them, doing things because they matter, and not just doing whatever comes along. They do this despite pressure from society and the risk of being unpopular. They seek out what it is they love to do, and then go and do it. Real success for them is making a difference and creating a lasting impact; it does not mean always-achieving fame, money or power. Equally, making a difference in this great world of ours and making money too is OK: it does not have to be a case of either one or the other. Therefore, having discovered what you love to do, the challenge is to go and do it and this will lead you to the success you want in your work and life.+

Take good care and once again every success and best wishes to you and all yours’ for a great 2021. A year that brings all that you need and more, so much more.

If you do want to follow up on what has been written here and living a life of true and real success for you please check out my books – available from Amazon.


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A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You, Self-leadership and Goal Setting for 2019.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little.

Edmund Burke

Whether or not you follow the life you want to live, it won’t be easy either way, so why not just go for it? At least then, through all the struggles and strife, it will be in pursuit of what matters most to you as a person. Living a life of self-leadership is not easy – far from it. It is tough, requiring determination and great effort on your part to keep moving forward if you want to live a life of success and happiness.

Now at the start of a new year will you please take a moment to think of a time when you had to show real determination in your own life so as to not give in or give up; a time when you had to dig deep within yourself so as to keep moving forward in your life. Maybe it was when you lost a job, the ending of a relationship, a business venture failed, or you faced health issues.

Think also of a time when you had to show real determination to achieve something that you wanted in your life. A time when you were determined to get a job, hold onto a job, see a new business venture succeed, deal with an addiction or achieve any personal or professional goal. Showing determination, either in the face of adversity or in pursuit of something meaningful, is the first trait of a self-leader.

Remember now as you set out some goals that you would like to achieve this year that wanting to bring your life and work to a better place in the future, will mean having to deal with and overcome the many problems, challenges and demands that will inevitably arise. Many people have the false belief that as they achieve success, they will be faced with fewer problems. In fact, it is often the opposite. There are always challenges and problems to overcome in life and work. The challenges and problems will just be in direct proportion to the level of success and happiness you want in life. There will be times when you will be tempted to give in, believing the challenges and problems to be dealt with are simply too much for you. This is often precisely when there is a need to rise to the occasion. Those who really want success and happiness have the persistence and determination to keep moving forward in pursuit of the life they want, regardless of the challenges and problems that face them. So every success and best wishes as you now set the goals you want to achieve in 2019.

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