A very Happy New Year to you and really hope you got to have a good break over the Christmas period. As you set out to draw up the goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months, will you: Please let this year be about growing and developing in the areas of your greatest strengths. For people really grow and develop most in the areas of their greatest strength.

Now, being strong at something is more than just being good at it. Being strong at something means this is an area you want to pursue. Often, for reasons unbeknown to you, it is an area in which you want to grow, develop, and learn. It is as if you have a calling to it and just love to do it, regardless of the feedback you get—which is often good and gets better as you grow and develop this strength. You feel pulled towards this activity, even with the many doubts and fears you may have about doing it.

Being true to yourself.

If there is one thing that self-leaders do consistently when living out their lives—one value that they all share in common—it is integrity to do what matters most to them. When you pay close attention to what you say and do—and make sure both these things are focused on long-term aspirations, rather than the emotion of the moment—you discover, miraculously, that you have developed a better attitude. Acknowledge and accept that it takes tremendous commitment, determination, discipline and sometimes great courage to continuously engage in this practice of alignment. When you do, the chances of having success and happiness in life and work are so much greater.

Self-leaders find, when their words and actions are in alignment, they feel as if they are on track—in the zone, so to speak. When this happens, they seem to attract the right people and situations into their lives and work. They don’t believe in words but only in behaviours. They stick with what they know to be right. This can often call for great personal courage because sticking with what you know is right when all the odds are against you, is difficult.

Self-leaders make sure their words match where they are heading. If your words, actions and intentions match, it all works out without fail. Highly accomplished people use language in an instinctive or intuitive way, always focusing on what they are trying to accomplish. They are confident when they commit to progress with a strong narrative and matching deeds. They chip away and eventually overwhelm toxic thoughts and feelings and when you do, anything is possible.

So, will you please make sure that you are playing to your strengths in 2022?

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Cover Image by Nature_Design on Pixabay