Having to deal with the pandemic gave so many people the time and space to reflect on the life they were living and the work they were doing. Often coming to the realisation that they didn’t want to go back to the way things were before the pandemic. This meant for so many that they now wanted to have a unique vision for their life and work. This too can be the case for you if you are now prepared to have a vision for your life and work for when you do. You are setting out what you intend to achieve in life. Most people have one but, mostly, they have never articulated it or put it down on paper.

Let me give the following example: Say you want to get from one part of the country to another part 100 miles away on any given day. Well, simply put, that is your vision – to be at a certain destination known to you which is 100 miles away at some point later that day. It is a desired future place that you want to get to.
People are living out a vision for their life every day. If this is not done consciously, then it will be done unconsciously.

What for you would be the benefits of having a vision for your life?

The following are some of the benefits enjoyed by self- leaders:

  • A vision gives them something positive to aim for.
  • A vision brings focus to their efforts.
  • A vision engenders within them a greater sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • A vision gives meaning and purpose to their life.
  • A vision gives them something to hope for.
  • A vision means bringing about positive change within their life and work.
  • A vision acts as a guide to their decision making.

Trait 4 is all about self-leaders having a description of what their life will look like once they have reached their vision and achieved their full potential. The key for them is about making the vision something that touches the heart and soul, something that truly motivates them. They are prepared to give their all-in pursuit of this vision. Something that both challenges and stretches them as a person, yet has a real and true chance of being achieved, even if it may take a lifetime, all of their lifetime. You can find your vision by focusing on what is, what you have and what you could be.
Being a self-leader with a vision does not mean you have to set out to save the world. It simply means that you have identified where it is you want to bring your life. Having done this, you then have to go and make it a reality. You need to take ownership and responsibility to see everything you want to achieve in life happen. Self-leaders believe in a better future for themselves and those around them.

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