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Describing your vision

When it comes to describing your vision, you need to look at what you want to eliminate from your life, what you want to add to it and what you want to leave unchanged. You need to identify what bothers you. It’s then about describing your future vision around these things. Keep what is good, remove what is bad and add what will make the vision one of real success and happiness for you.

True vision is not seen through the eyes of the body but through the eyes of the mind. That is why it is so important to engage your mind when setting out the vision. Regardless of where you are in life, you have the capacity to live a life with vision and imagine a different future. But to have any chance of living out the vision, it needs to excite your mind and touch your heart.

How many people have a clear idea of what living a life of success and happiness means to them? Does it mean having more money, a bigger car, more holidays, a better job and a nice partner? How many people have really taken the time to step back and ask themselves what true success and happiness mean to them in their life and work, and what it would be like to live a life of self-leadership in pursuit of their life’s vision?

If you never define your vision of success and happiness, then nothing is going to change and whatever is most urgent will always get done first. If you only do what is urgent at any given time, your life will not go forward in the way that you would have hoped. Living like this will not give you a successful, happy, fulfilling and productive life. If the most important things are not prioritised and done first, there is a real danger that everything will be treated as equal. Separate the urgent from the important and work on getting the important done.


    • What do success and happiness mean to you?
    • What makes you happiest and when are you at your best?
    • What gives you enjoyment and pleasure and a sense of purpose?
    • How you do want to grow and develop as a person and what must be done to achieve this?

Asking yourself these questions will lead to the truth of what you are doing with your life and why. If you are brutally honest with yourself, the answers can often be about other people’s success and happiness. What it is they have (or very often what you think they have) and your desire to have the same. For a great many people, it has been defined by their parents, the education they have received, their work, their friends or the community in which they were brought up.
What makes your heart pump, but in a good way? What gives you that sense of excitement and adrenalin? When this happens, it can often give a good indication of what success and happiness mean to you.

Yet it is more than this. There is also a need to understand and recognise what you are passionate about and where your potential lies. People who build their lives around their passions using their full potential, generally live far happier and more successful lives.

Only you can define your vision of success and happiness. What do success and happiness mean to you?
Do hope you get to have a good summer as I am going to take a break for now and will be back with the next blog in September. Take good care of yourself and thanks for all the support.
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Creating a picture of the future that is better than the status quo

Developing a vision for your life means creating a picture of the future that is better than the status quo. If your vision does describe a better future and, although challenging, has a realistic chance of being achieved, it will be a great way to motivate you.

Having a vision for your life does not mean having to set out on just one path and one path only and sticking with it. In fact, the opposite is true. In pursuit of living a life of self-leadership, many things may change along the way, such as your views on success and happiness, your views about yourself as a person, and the circumstances in which you find yourself.
Remember when people are at the end of their lives, it is the relationships they formed and the difference they made in the world that they value most highly. Towards the end of their lives, most people agree that the greatest things they have done, and the legacy they are proudest to leave behind, are what they did to help others.
When you set out on a journey, it is vital to know where you are headed, even if you don’t know how you are going to get there. It is important to start with the end in mind, but there is a need to guard against the end being a dead end. There is a great danger of this happening if you are in such a hurry to set a path for yourself that you do not connect this with what you have set out your vision.

If you have a vision for your life, you have a direction with focus and clarity. It means having the power of a written structure against which every decision concerning the most effective use of your time, your talents, financial resources and your energies can be effectively measured.
Vision is the ability to see into the infinite future, past the boundaries of your conditioning and present circumstances, to what could be. It means being able to see the life you truly want and how you want to live it, seeing life and what it could be, not just what it has been. It is about being willing to see the present and the future as not just being the same as the past but as something that can be changed for the better.

If you want to follow up on what I have written here and live a life of true and real success for you, please check out my books—available from Amazon.


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