This month, it’s all about The Mansion House, Self-leadership and true success as I finally get to launch my book on Self-leadership there.

As you have no doubt experienced, there is a chasm between saying and doing, a chasm that takes focus, self-discipline and not a little faith to cross if you are to go on and live the life you need for it to be one of true and real success. As you start moving in the direction of the life you want, you start to move from wishful thinking to having belief in yourself, and finally knowing what you want and how to achieve it. So, truly am grateful to now be able to launch my book at the Mansion House – a place of history for so many great leaders like Michael Collins. The only thing is, that while there may be no Michael Collins around, the place will be full of Self-leaders for the book launch of The Six Traits of Self-leadership. A lot of Self-leaders that while not often written about or widely known are all people that I truly admire. People striving to live the six traits and what it is to live a life of Self-leadership on a daily basis.

They have accepted and live with the fact that, at times, you must embrace loss, endure pain or temporarily lose freedoms, yet know there is the need to have faith and belief in your own ability to succeed in being happy and successful in life.
To not forgot that the path out of gloom and despair begins with you doing your best to be steadfast in taking the small actions needed to stop you giving up or surrendering to defeat. To understand that it is one thing to suffer a shocking and stunning defeat and entirely another to give up on the life you so wish to live. Self-leadership is not only about envisioning a better future, it is also about believing in every fibre of your being and being truly convinced that you are the one to make this future come true. It is about the belief that you are the one to assume the responsibility for transforming the present into the life you truly want to be living.

There was a very famous actor who would go missing every afternoon for two to three hours, regardless of where they were in the shooting of the film. This caused untold hassle and expense for all involved, except for the actor himself, of course. He was so famous that the director would not even dare to ask what was going on, let alone challenge him. When filming had finished, and the atmosphere was more relaxed, the director finally did ask where the actor had been going during this time. The actor explained that his father had loved fishing and promised him that the two of them would go fishing when he retired. His father had died at fifty-four years of age, he didn’t get to retire, and they had never had the chance to go fishing. The actor was taking no risks and went fishing every day, regardless of what was going on.

The lesson the actor had learned was:

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

So, again truly grateful to be finally launching my book at the Mansion House and not having put it off till another day.