Well, if you want to answer this and see Is this the year for you to figure out why you were born, please read on as you can figure out why you were born by:

  1. Coming to know what you are strong at, and then
  2. Where you can put your strengths to best use in your life and work.

For when you do this, you will be giving yourself the best chance to live your life as a leading light both for yourself and for all those around you. (The phrase ‘leading light’ comes from a sailing term for a pair of beacons used in navigation; it now means someone who shows the way or is a leader in their own right.)

What, then, are you strong at? Now, what I mean here by ‘strength’ and ‘being strong’ relates to those activities that make you feel strong and capable when you are carrying them out. These feelings may be found in activities in which you exhibit consistent, near perfect performance. They are those activities that you do well and for which you retain a powerful appetite. They feel easy, like you need not try very hard. Perhaps they proved simple for you to pick up and you learnt them quickly. Your strengths feel innate and come from within; they are something that you find easy to tie in to, to use, to grow and develop. When you are using your strengths, you do not struggle to concentrate. Instead, you naturally stay focused and time speeds up, and as you carry on using them you continue to feel focused and time speeds up even more.

So, if you want to figure out why you were born and what you are meant to be doing with your life, start noticing the activities that when you are doing them, they…

  • Seem to come so naturally to you, it is almost as if you are not even trying when you do them;
  • Make you feel ‘in the flow’ and you can focus easily on whatever it is you are doing;
  • Keep your interest and your concentration with almost no effort;
  • Leave you feeling strong, fulfilled and powerful;
  • Draw you back to them repeatedly;
  • Hold your attention and you enjoy doing them;
  • Inspire you to keep volunteering to do them.

Knowing where your strengths lie by identifying the activities that come naturally to you, and where best you can use them, means you have figured out why you were born.

The next step is to create the life that allows you to use these activities. The choice, then, is to stay where you are in your life or to set off on an outer journey – a journey whereby you use your strengths to make the life you want to be living become an everyday reality for yourself.
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