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Community, the tribe, Self-leadership and true success.

Community, the tribe, Self-leadership and true success is what it is all about for me this month as I send out invitations to my book launch.

Rest of Blog Grateful to have confirmed the Mansion House for my book launch next month. I now have the pleasure of sending out the invites to my community and tribe. Yes, some will make it, while for others it just won’t be possible and that’s ok. It’s ok for the simple reason that I know if they could they would and if nothing else they will be there in spirit on the night.

I have found and am still finding my own tribe to run with and this is something that takes time, determination, patience and energy. We are on the path of living out our own lives as self-leaders. Being surrounded by like-minded people will ensure you stay positive and keep you on your journey forward. Now that you are on the journey, you are living out and showing all the hallmarks of starting to live a life of success and happiness in pursuit of the vision you have for your life and work – so stick at it.

I personally strive to do much of what I have written about in the book to be launched – The Six Traits of Self-leadership and do find it worthwhile and fulfilling. It gives meaning to my life and enables me to love, to serve and to try again. Admittedly, at times, it does mean having to just hang in there, taking small steps in pursuit of living a life of Self-leadership. There will be times when you, too, will have to hang in there, adapt, change, and take calculated risks. You must stay determined to keep moving forward in pursuit of the life you want to be living, regardless of what life throws at you. I trust you too would enjoy reading the book and find it of practical assistance.

Enjoy and celebrate every success on your journey as you move towards living the life you wish for. What is being proposed in The Six Traits of Self-leadership is not something that can be finished and done away with. It is a way of life and the challenge contained in living out the six traits will keep you striving forward for as long as you live. Accept that you are worthy of living a life of success and happiness. Now go and live the life of a Self-leader and achieve this life you so wish for. And search out and find like-minded people and kindred spirits who can become your community and tribe. People, like you who are looking to live a life of Self-leadership if they are not already doing so.

And remember, never ever give in:

A man asked a monk he met on the path, “Which way is success?” The monk said nothing and gestured down the path. The man was elated by the prospect that success was so close and so easy to reach and rushed ahead. Suddenly, there came the sound ‘splat’. A short while later, the man, now tattered and stunned, limped back, assuming he must have taken a wrong turn. He repeated the question to the monk, who again pointed silently in the same direction. The man nodded, turned and headed back in the same direction as before. This time, the sound of ‘splat’ was deafening. When the man crawled back, he was bloody, broken and angry. Screaming at the monk, he demanded to know why he was sent off in the direction of disaster. “No more pointing. Talk!” Only then did the monk speak. “Success is that way,” he said. “Just a little past splat.”

The College Reunion

 Going to the 25th College Reunion tonight and looking forward to it. There will be about twelve us there. Not bad seeing as only fifteen of us finished in the class after 3 years together. It started out with 20 students. One guy has passed way since finishing. One can’t make it from Australia and one other did. One is away on a family holiday, a mix up with the dates; no doubt they will be in touch by phone when we are all together.

We and when I say we, I mean me, as I have been planning it since January, so really looking forward to catching up with everyone. Another one has made it from the USA, which is great as we haven’t seen her in twenty years.

The author Seth Godin talks about “tribes”, asking who your tribe is. Some really good American friends ask who do, you run with. Well, back in the day they were my tribe, the people that I ran with then. We were a small group of people challenging, supporting and encouraging each other to be the best that we could be. We couldn’t have made it without each other. We made life easier for each other. We wanted the best for each other. Now over the last twenty five years our lives have brought us in many different directions. Yet, many of us are still in touch on an individual basis.

It won’t be a night of secretly checking out who’s doing the best in their careers, marriage, parenting skills etc. It will be a night to celebrate each other’s company, laugh about the old times and wish each other the very best for the future and the next reunion. Now, if someone is struggling and we can help them out, we will, that’s a given.
When the night finishes I’ll be grateful for the time we had together. Yet, I’ll be even more grateful to them for the time we ran together as a tribe so many years back. Will also give thanks and be so grateful for the tribe that I now run with.

Truly hope you are getting to run with a good tribe now. If so, be grateful and thank them. If you haven’t found your tribe yet, hang in there and make sure to celebrate when you do.

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