St. Patrick, self-leadership and true success is what it’s all about this month, well it is St. Patrick’s Day here in Ireland and no doubt throughout the world!

Rest of Blog There is an old Greek proverb that says: a society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they will never see.

Now, St. Patrick wasn’t Greek only this was something that he could have said for he truly understood that this is the power of legacy. And he did leave us some legacy. For like him when people seriously undertake to identify what true success means to them in their work and life, it becomes so important to them that it reflects the person they are, and the life they want to lead. They become reverent, and start to think in larger terms than just today and tomorrow. Whether they’re running a household, a company or a country, those that want to achieve great success also want to leave a legacy. They recognise that although this type of success begins with them, it does not end with them. Such success not only contributes to their own personal growth, but also helps to create a better world for others, even after they have gone.

They understand and accept that the greatest things they have done and the legacy they will be proudest to leave is what they did to help others. Nobody will care about how much money they made, what car they drove, or what prizes they won. They understand that it will not be possible to take anything of monetary value with them when they die. They won’t wait until they are on their deathbed to realise that what really mattered most was the true relationships they had, and the actions they took to improve the lot of others.

Like St. Patrick, the most powerful motivator in the world is to have a purpose: to set out a definition of the true success you want for your life, which you can invest every ounce of yourself in – a purpose that will become your driving force, your raison d’être. Those who are intent on living a life of true success focus too on leaving a footprint and making a difference for having lived. They make sure to live a life of purpose – a purpose in pursuit of leaving this world a better place for having had them in it. Humans, by their nature, seek purpose: a cause that is greater and more enduring than themselves. People leave well-paying jobs for purpose-driven ones. They ask themselves, what do I hold most sacred; what can I pass on to others? So, what is it you want to pass on to others? And every success now as you do pass it on to others.