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Are you ready to start back as you mean to go on?

Welcome back and do hope you had a good break over the summer. Really hope you are feeling rested and ready to go once again and if not, no worries at all. Only, if you have come back rested or want to feel rested going forward, are you ready to start back as you mean to go on? If so, well then read on

One night, I got to hear a speaker talk about his need to start every day with a fifteen-minute meditation. This calmed him down and got him grounded to be better positioned to deal with and take on the challenges of the day in a more creative and energised way. (His weakness was that he allowed himself to be pulled in to many different directions during his working day.)
At the end of the talk, he was asked, “what he does on really long and busy days?” His answer: on days like that, he usually does thirty minutes of meditation!

That you now continue to take time out for when you do it will allow you to keep on learning how to live and make the most of the life you are living. Self-leaders allow themselves the time to be silent, and so they cultivate the power of the imagination, which helps them move towards what they want their life and work to be about. For you, this time out may only be ten to fifteen minutes once a week. This is a brilliant start and will give you something solid to build on. Make the most of this time and use it constructively. It is not about looking back over the past and digging up regrets and mistakes or just day-dreaming about the future. Look at where you want to go and what you are doing about it.

Work at developing a mechanism that allows you to take time out regularly. Space and time will let you gather your energy and thoughts and stop yourself from being pulled in different directions daily. Once you have discovered what works for you to achieve this, have the courage and determination to just do it daily. Any time spent allowing yourself to recharge your batteries and get creative is not wasted, even if it is just taking a few minutes out to be quiet, to just stand back from all the hustle and bustle around you. This alone will improve your understanding of what is going on for you and how best you can respond to it. You need to be aware of what it is you are reacting to and work out how you can positively respond to it instead. (If you are reacting to what is going on around, you are not in charge–only by responding do you get to take control of the situation.)

You need to not only look at what is happening, but also why it is happening. It will also give you the opportunity to realize the different choices you may have and to think about the implications of each option. This will improve your decision-making abilities. If you can ensure you have regular times out, it will also allow you to learn from living.
Self-leaders know that the more they can maintain their energy and sense of creativity, the more resilient they will be, the more they will keep going and the more likely they will be to go on and live the life they want to live. They understand that taking time out to build up their energy and creativity will allow them to move forward in the face of their fears and doubts.
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Creative Sparks in Dundalk

I just had to stop and get a photo of this.

What sparks your creativity? For it got me to reflect on what sparks my own. I do know from experience that often my most creative thoughts or a truth that I come to realise and learn about myself or life often comes in the quietest of moments.

The more rested, relaxed, focused and by continually allowing myself to be renewed and creative does allow me to perform better in my everyday life, as there is a real need to be relaxed and rested if I am to be at my best and allow myself to become creative in my life and work. To figure how best to deal with the many challenges that living out each day presents. To make the best decisions possible at any given time during the day and to be as creative as possible when it comes to looking for solutions and answers when these difficulties and challenges arise.

We can’t get it right all of the time and creative confidence is not about being certain of the answers, but about being certain that you will find the answers yourself. If you allow yourself to be creative, you need have no fear, for the answers will come to point you in the right direction.

As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” So what can you do to spark your own creativity? What can you do at this time to allow some creativity into your life and work so as to deal with all that it is you are dealing with in the living out of your everyday life? So go on, allow yourself a little space and time out today.

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