As we are having to deal with the pandemic that we are now facing is it a good opportunity to take some time out for you? If so, then maybe it is a great chance to look at what is true success for you in your life and work.

Do you agree with the definition of success as set out by the dictionary? For me I have to answer ‘No’. For surely true success is unique to each one of us. However, I still need to define and redefine as I grow and develop as a person as to what true success is for me. Only I do know that successful people are prepared to take the necessary time out to discover what true success means to them, as they know they do not have to accept the traditional definition of success: notably wealth, fame and power. When looking to see what true success means to them, they turn inwards, knowing that they need to look to all areas where they want to see this success become a reality, such as their health, relationships, wealth, work, and leaving a legacy. They measure their success in relation to the person they are becoming during their time here on this earth, and not only what they are acquiring externally. In the end, they will define on their terms what true success is for them and their life. They also know that by doing this, they will encourage others to do the same.

Nobody else can say what true success is for each of us; only we can answer that for ourselves. Likewise, they also know that the first challenge is figuring out what true success is for them. That having done this the next challenge is to go and live it and make the true success they want for their life and work an everyday reality. This too might just be the case for you as you make the most of the pandemic we are now dealing with. That you take some time out to figure out what true success is for you, then go, and make real as you get to live it every day in your often own unique way.

Until next month, take good care of yourself, all the best for now and if you want to follow up on living a life of true and real success for you please check out my book: Conversations in Singapore – available from:
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