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Give yourself the greatest chance of success in life and work.

Give yourself the greatest chance of success in life and work by following these tried and tested principles and practices:

  • Surrounding yourself with the right people;
  • Reading the right books;
  • Having a mentor if needs be;
  • Being involved in a network or group that is best suited to supporting you in the life you wish to be leading;
  • Putting strategies in place to deal with the loneliness (particularly so when starting out) in the best way possible when going to live the life you want to be living;
  • Face your fears and accept that, yes, you are taking a risk in going to do what you are doing when going to do the work you want to be doing;
  • Going for it once you have decided to go for it, and not just sit around;
  • Accept that it is a marathon and not a sprint when pursuing the life, you truly want to be living;
  • Tell very few people (you might tell your partner if you are fortunate enough to have one who will support you) of your intention to give up the life you have been living so as to now be freer to live the life you want to be living;
  • Ask for the support of others if this is something you need, particularly when starting a new business

As you play to your strengths and get to rise and shine, this leads to you having such a positive impact on so many other people’s lives, both now and in the future.

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Letting Easter be a time of rest and renewal for you.

If you want to have good health and the energy to live a life of success and happiness. Then start now by letting Easter be a time of rest and renewal for you.

The following energy exercise is a great tool to help you identify the activities that not only drain your energy but more importantly give you energy. The energy you will need to draw on as a Self-leader in your own life and work so as to stay the course in pursuit of the life you want to be living, both personally and professionally. Complete the following exercise – and then work at incorporating the activities from Column 2 into your daily life. Those who are more rested, relaxed, focused and continually allow themselves to be renewed and creative will perform better than those who are not.

List all the activities that drain energy from you and then list all of the activities that give you energy.

1. What drains my energy*
(These are some examples of what takes my energy.)

  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Driving
  • Cleaning the house
  • Gardening

2. What gives me energy*
(These are some examples of what gives me energy.)

  • Listening to music
  • Sailing
  • Going to the cinema
  • Reading
  • Good company
  • Travelling
  • Writing
  • Meditating

*In times of stress, fatigue and tiredness, you will discover that most of your time and energy is spent doing activities that drain your energy (Column 1), rather than doing those that give you energy (Column 2). When you find yourself in this situation, you need to shift from doing what is in Column 1 to doing more of what is in Column 2.
Now, remember what takes my energy (such as cooking) might give you energy; and what gives me energy (for instance, travelling) might just drain your energy, so this exercise is unique to each of us.

There is a real need to be relaxed and rested if you are to be at your best and allow yourself to achieve all that you now want to achieve in your life and work. Doing the activities, you listed in Column 2 will enable you as a Self-leader to have the energy to keep going and never give up in pursuit of the life you truly want to be living.


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