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I want to Hear From You

I’m really grateful that my work allows me to be in a position to give something back.

What I mean by this is that I’m regularly invited to give talks and run workshops for students and this is something that I always try to fit into my work schedule.

These talks and workshops would often be based on my books on Self-leadership and living a life of true and real success. And as we spend more and more time together the one thing that always seems to come up is –

Are they doing what they really want to be doing in life?

Or as Mark Twain famously said; “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” So having been born the challenge for you is to then find out why? For when you discover why you were born and what you need to be doing with your life, you have discovered your life purpose and when you then go live it, you really can live a life of true and real success.

As we discuss this, it always leads to us giving examples of people we know of who have made the decision hard and all as it is to go live the life they believe they need to be living for it to be one of true success – regardless of the consequences to be faced and the price to be paid.

And really would love to now gather the stories – the real life stories of people who appeared to have walked away from the life they were living to go live a life they truly wanted to live regardless of the costs involved. Their real stories and not just how it appears to be to the outside world when they went to go live their purpose. To gather these real life stories and share them with the students.
Fully understand that this is scared ground when talking about people’s lives, dreams and aspirations. Really want to respect this and will endeavour at all times to do so.


If you believe you are living the life you are truly meant to be living or truly doing the work you believe you are truly meant to be doing while here on this earth.

Are in the process of deciding to go live the life / do the work that you believe you are truly meant to be living / doing while here on this earth.

Are trying to figure out the life / work you believe you are truly meant to be living / doing while here on this earth.

Please do get in touch and allow your story to encourage, challenge and inspire others to go live the life they are truly meant to be living.

Or if above is the case for someone you know and you felt comfortable in doing so please ask them to get in touch –

In anticipation, my heartfelt thanks for all your support with this,


Grateful for That Time of Year Again

I’m grateful to be getting some time out and a short break and holiday away from it all. Will use the time out to relax, rest the body and sharpen the mind. It will also allow for some time out to reflect on and think about the life being lived at this time. To look to at how it is I want to be living over the coming days, weeks and months. And how best I can creatively bridge the gap between where I am now in life and where I want to be this time next year.

One activity that will happen more than ever while away will be the act of taking some time out to catch up all the reading that there just wasn’t the time to do over the last weeks and months. Reading is an activity that I try to do on a daily basis. For it gives me energy and truly does fuel my creativity. So the chance to get so much more of it in, while away, will be so welcome.

Of course, not everyone is interested in or has the time to read. Only, what activities do you get to get to do on a regularly basis so as to sharpen your mind and rest your body? And if you don’t know what activities allow you to rest, relax, renew yourself and get creative, it’s important that you do identify them. For when you do and then allow them to become an integral part of your life you will have a far greater chance to move forward in your life. For getting creative will empower you to move in an upward spiral of growth, change and continuous improvement. They will also give you the stamina to achieve the life you want to live.

So if you are lucky enough to get a holiday and some time away from it all, every success with making the most of it. And if it’s just not possible for you to get away then hopefully you will get to carve out sometime in the last of these long days and bright evenings to pursue the activities that will allow you to go on and achieve the life you want to be living.

Take good care of yourselves and truly hope you get to make the most of the rest of the summer regardless of what it holds for you.

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