St. Valentine, self-leadership and true success is what it’s all about this month, well it is the month with St. Valentine’s day.

‘What do you believe is true success for you when it comes to relationships? The advice that was given to me and what it is that I try to live by it.

That when it comes to relationships your enduring success must be constructed on a firm foundation of choices that only you can make, not by following anybody else’s idea of what success is for you.

That we ask ourselves what really matters to us. Until we compare these two things and become consciously aware of what we believe to be success for us, we risk being motivated by what other people expect of us.

You may be afraid if you pursue the success you want, and particular relationships, because they matter to you, you may not be as popular as you would like, or receive the recognition you wish for. Unfortunately, many people do settle for popularity, acceptance and wealth over what truly matters to them. St. Valentine encourages us to do the opposite, and pursue what is true for us when it comes to relationships.

Yes, St. Valentine was very much about romantic love, only he goes further and encourages us to value our true friends: those who always want what is best for us, and who cheer us on our way as we pursue success that is right and true for us. Sometimes these are new people, who come into our life as we achieve the success we want; others may be old friends, who have always supported and believed in us. St. Valentine reminds us to remember, that it is also important not to become so caught up in our own pursuit of a truly successful life that we let good, solid and true friendships slip by over the years. That we make sure to give the true friend the time and effort their friendship deserves, and encourage them in pursuit of their own true success. And the same goes for family members.

So, if you have good friends and supports around you, be grateful and let them know and if not, hang in there and keep going for you surely will bring them into your life.