It is not surprising that there is a general perception that things are bad in the world right now. But how bad are things really? Things are not as bad as they may seem as there has, in fact, never been a better time to be alive. The average person is wealthier, healthier, smarter, cleaner, safer, fitter, stronger, better informed, more peaceful, kinder, freer, more equal and happier than at any time in human history.

There may well be times when you feel that your life is off-track. And if this is the case for you right now, just make sure that you keep coming back to the plan you have for your life. The goals that you need to achieve for it to be one of true and real success, for if you do so, you will finally arrive at the life you want to be living. This can also be true of us as families, communities and organisations. The key for us all is to have an end in mind – a vision of living a life of success and happiness and how it is we are going to reach it. So there will often be the need to act like pilots and sailors who tack left and right, never assuming they can head for their destination in a straight line. At times, it may seem like you are going in the wrong direction or even backwards. Sometimes you may need to go off course or indeed backwards to stay focused on living a life of success and happiness. Just remember that a plane heading for its destination will be off course over ninety-five per cent of the time but will still get there and, for the most part, on time, if not a little early.

Now, search out and find like-minded people and kindred spirits who are looking to live a life of true and real success if they are not already doing so. This may well be something that takes time, determination, patience and energy. Being surrounded by like-minded people will ensure you stay positive and keep you on your journey forward. Now that you are on the journey, you are living out and showing all the hallmarks of starting to live a life of success and happiness in pursuit of the life you want to be living. Now stick at it regardless of where you are from or time of year it is.