September can often be a great month to refocus the mind and heart and get back on track to achieve the goals you may well have set for yourself at the start of the year.

So, no matter what has gone on for you since the start of the year
or at what point you are in your life, if you are searching for your true success, it can be achieved. You may be feeling:

  • lost, with no real sense of what true success is for you or how it could be achieved in your life;
  • angry and disappointed that the success you want for your life has evaded you to date;
  • that you have been pursuing the wrong type of success for you, or even what others see as success for you;
  • disheartened, believing that it is now too late in your life to achieve success; or
  • that you are at an age where you are only now setting out in life, and want to know what it would be for you to live a life of true success.

Only now, none of these can be enough to stop you. The true success you want for your life can be made real; it really can. This is your life and your life alone; it is worth investing in it at every level. I wish you true success in every area of your life, in a way that is unique to you and that engages your heart at the deepest level. I encourage you to keep striving, even when you meet with disappointments along the way.

So, what is true success?

‘Is the greatest hunger in life for food, money, power, status, security, sex, or even love? For if it is, time and again people have achieved all of these things, in the belief that this would make their life one of success. Yet having achieved this success, they have wound up still feeling dissatisfied – indeed, often more dissatisfied then when they began.’

Many people don’t even ask what it would mean for them to be truly successful in their own life, let alone what it would mean to achieve success. Yet if you do ask yourself this question, and then answer it truthfully, it can more often than not lead to the truth of what you want for your life. If you take the time and effort to think through exactly what success means to you, it will bring more meaning into your life – which will help you spend time doing the things that are right for you, both now and in the future. This will make the success you wish for become a reality.’
So, go on give yourself some time to answer what is true success for you and how best can you now go and achieve it starting afresh in September.
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A book that will change your life, for you will never see achieving success in the same away again, be that for yourself or the people who matter most to you.