About my one-to-one work 

Individuals for all walks of life and business backgrounds have sought me out to mentor, coach and support them in checking out and agreeing on the life they need to be living for it to be one of true success for them.

Have decided on the life they want to live for it to be one of true success we then work together to set out the best way for them to then go live this life of true success.

Through this work together on a one-to-one basses those that avail of it –

  • Have gone on to live a more fulfilled, contented and successful life;
  • They have often learnt how to re-invent and / or re-engineer their life and work so as to make it truly successful for them;
  • They have fostered wiser decision-making within their own life and work;
  • By taking the time out and investing in this one-to-one process they have given themself the opportunity to now have the focus to live life with clarity and direction in pursuit of the life they want to live;
  • They have been able to draw up the goals to be achieved so as to live a truly successful life and;
  • Have the means to move forward and take the action to now make sure that they are living a life of success and happiness.

For those that want to live a life of true success having worked with Michael they have come to:

  • Find a real sense of what true success is for them and how it could be achieved within their life;
  • Often deal with and overcome their angry and disappointment that the success they wanted for their life had evaded them to date so as to now go a live a life of true success;
  • That having possibly been pursuing the wrong type of success or even in fact that they have been pursuing what others see as success for them – they are now on the path to pursuing success that is true for them;
  • Having been disheartened, believing that it was too late in their life to achieve true success this is now no longer the case holding them back from achieving true success in their life now and;
  • If at an age where they were only now setting out in life they have come to know what it would be for them to live a life of true success.

I really do believe that the true success you want for your life can be made real, it really can. This is your life and your life alone; it is worth investing in it at every level. I wish you true success in every area of your life in a way that is unique to you and that engages your heart at the deepest level. I encourage you to keep striving even if you meet with disappointments along the way.