My work and books, along with my over twenty plus years’ experience of working for and with individuals, groups and organizations are all about enabling them to achieve the success that is true to them.

As a leading expert and author on personal leadership and achieving true success my work involves delivering training, giving talks and working one-to-one with individuals on:

  • Leadership and being a leader in work and life;
  • Setting realistic goals so as to achieve true success in work and life and;
  • Using mindfulness and meditation as a way to achieve true success in work and life.

It is always the intention that having worked with me you will have the means and know how to move forward and take the necessary action to reach your full potential, be that at an individual, group or organizational level and achieve the success that is true for you.

I will work with you, your team or organization to achieve true success in every area in a way that is unique and engages all involved at the deepest level. When asked to work with an individual, group organization or business I can tailor make it maximize the benefits for all involved.

So, if you believe you, your group, organization or business would benefit from the work that I do please do get in touch:

Phone: 00353 (0)876772355