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Self-leadership, staying on track and achieving your goals.

Self-leadership, staying on track and achieving your goals will often mean that there will be a danger that as you are about to achieve your goals, you will get pulled back. If faced with the option of either standing out or fitting in, the only decision really is whether to go for it and run the risk of getting dragged down or stay where you are in life.

Choosing to either fit in or stand out can be a really tough decision either way. When faced with difficulties or problems as you pursue your goals, self-leaders ask themselves intuitively: “What gift does this difficulty or problem hide?” They note the answer, which may be something like a new way of thinking, a new way of doing something or the opportunity to take a risk.
They understand that determination and stamina are required, when faced with difficulties or problems that have been caused either by their own making or because of some bad luck. When setting out to achieve their goals, self-leaders do not go out of their way to make life any harder than it has to be. They look for the path of least resistance. However, this does not stop them from taking difficult decisions and staying determined to see them through in the pursuit of the life they want to live.
If your instinct is to try and avoid dealing with a difficulty or problem, then the next time you are confronted with such a situation, do your utmost to maintain your energy and commitment to stay determined to step up to the challenge and overcome the difficulty or problem you face. If you do this, you might just find yourself tackling difficulties and problems as they arise with more drive and enthusiasm.

We all have fears and more so when pursuing the life, we really want to live, many of which we are unaware of. The first step is to become aware and accept that these fears can be rational or irrational. Regardless of whether they are rational or irrational, they are always personal to us as individuals. Remember, all ‘fear’ really stands for is: False Expectations Appearing Real

If you want to lessen your fears, once you are aware of them, you will have to face them. There really is no simple solution. Moving beyond a fear requires you to bring reason to the situation, along with courage and determination. If confrontation is something you fear, then the more you have to deal with it, and stay determined to do so, the less fear it will hold. If you accept the situations in which you find yourself and work at converting them into something positive – which is not easily done – this can have really positive results in your life and work.

Self-leadership and achieving your goals

Self-leadership and achieving your goals. And really do hope the year is going well for you and that you are hanging in there and pursuing the goals you wanted to see being achieved this year. And if not remember Self-leaders tend not to dwell on the negative and always look to see the benefits of the situation. The past is not going to invent their future, as this is something they will not entertain. They find a way to move on and create their future; they always find a way to move on, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

When things are not going their way and the whole world seems to be against them, they:

A. accept that they will experience both positive and negative emotions, but they keep moving towards the life they want to live;

B. trust in their abilities and know they can learn from their mistakes as well as their successes;

C. follow their instincts, rather than being influenced by the opinions of others.
Now take a moment to identify the last difficulty or problem you had to deal with. Perhaps you couldn’t pay a bill; you couldn’t make a decision whether to accept or reject an invitation; you felt let down by someone and didn’t know what to do about it and so on.

How did you deal with it?

• Did you deal with it head on?
• Did you do nothing in the hope that it would go away?
• Did you get busy, so you didn’t have to think about it?
• Perhaps you hoped someone else would come along and solve it for you.
• Maybe you sought out advice and assistance, so you could deal with it.

Next, please go one step further and name the difficulty, problem or goal that you have to deal with or achieve in your life at this time.
Which option from the above would best assist you at this time? Regardless of the difficulties or problems you are now facing in pursuit of achieving your goal(s), please keep in mind the serenity prayer by Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr: God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, And wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Self-leaders recognise and accept the fact that overcoming difficulties and problems in pursuit of the life they want to be living does lead to a greater sense of fulfilment. They know that this makes them stronger, ready for the next challenge and whatever difficulties or problems life will present. Sooner or later, most people learn that the future is not determined so much by what happens to them. Who they are and what they become will be decided predominantly by how they respond to the difficulties and problems that confront them and please do let this be the case for you as you pursue your goals.

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