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Self-leadership, success in life and work and the legacy you want to leave.

Here at Nordhausen University in Germany giving a course on Self-leadership, success in life and work and the legacy you want to leave. The participants just love the ideal of living a life of true success that will go on long after they have debated this earth. In particular they love the following old Greek proverb that says:

A society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they will never see.

This is the power of legacy. When people seriously undertake to identify what true success means to them in their work and life, it becomes important to them that it is a reflection of the person they are, and the life they want to lead. They become reverent, and start to think in larger terms than just today and tomorrow.

Whether they’re running a household, a company or a country, those that want to achieve great success also want to leave a legacy. They recognise that although this type of success begins with them, it does not end with them. Such success not only contributes to their own personal growth, but also helps to create a better world for others, even after they have gone.

They understand and accept that the greatest things they have done and the legacy they will be proudest to leave is what they did to help others. Nobody will care about how much money they made, what car they drove, or what prizes they won. They understand that it will not be possible to take anything of monetary value with them when they die. They won’t wait until they are on their deathbed to realise that what really mattered most was the true relationships they had, and the actions they took to improve the lot of others.

Like most people they know they have the choice to embrace a journey that is meaningful to them, integrating their personal and professional life, in ways that can make a lasting difference.

Take sometime to ask yourself the following question: what unique gifts do you have to share, and how can you use this uniqueness to achieve the success that you want, and to leave a legacy long after you have departed from this world?
Yes, these are big ideas, and maybe the legacy for most people is to have lived a life of true success doing what they loved to do, just giving themselves completely to that which they want to pursue, regardless of the personal cost or consequences. I don’t mean the big fanfare-type success that is so often presented on television or written about in the newspapers, but success on your own level – success that is meaningful to you, and which touches those you come into contact with, whether they are aware of it or not.

For more, please check out my book: The Six Traits of Self-Leadership.

Living a life of Self-leadership involves taking time to reflect so as to not be deflecting

Living a life of Self-leadership involves taking time to reflect so as to not be deflecting when challenges have to be met and overcome. And with this in mind as I am just in the process of getting ready to send out the invites for the launch of my new book and am reflecting on some of the highlights of launching my first book The Six Traits of Self-Leadership in 2018.

How best can you switch off and have some time to reflect on the life you are living? For me, it is to read, travel, meditate, journal and walk in nature (even within the city). Try different things, and discover what works best for you. And at the end of each day, write down what has gone well, rather than focusing on what did not. To make the decision to think, talk and write about the success you want, and then go and take the action needed in your life every day so as to see your true success be-come a reality.
As you move forward with your life, develop a positive outlook, knowing that this will help you to understand and accept that you are much stronger and more resilient than you believe; this will help you to make the true success you want for your life become a reality. Regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in, be they good or challenging, remember always to have a sense of gratitude and to always be willing to –

  1. Take the time to look internally. Let this be the fountain from which all knowledge and understanding flows as to the meaning of the true success you want for your life.
  2. Accept that it is your life, so take responsibility for turning the true success you desire into reality; living a truly successful life also means being present in each moment as you do this.
  3. Being truly successful is also about legacy, whether you in-spire others by your own example or through something meaningful you create in the world.

And as I take this time out to reflect, one of the highlights that comes to mind over the last twelve months was Mr. Patrick Colman, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ireland in Roma-nia launching The Six Traits of Self-Leadership at the Regio Con-ference: “Regional Development – From Theory to Practice” in Bucharest in the presence of Mr. Andrei M. Grinkevich Ambas-sador of Belarus to Romania, Dan Nicula, Director General, Bucharest-Ilfov Re-gional Development Agency and Claudia Ionescu, Head of Re-gional Development and Investments Department, Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency who made it all happen.

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