As an expert in personal leadership and achieving true success in life and work my goal is to enable individuals, groups, and organizations to achieve the success that is true to them faster and easier than you would ever think possible.


Having finished at St. Kevin’s College, Ballygall Road, Dublin, a Christian Brothers’ run school I went on to study to become a monk with the Irish order of Christian Brothers’. It was their commitment and dedication to enabling all those that they worked with to be the best that they could be, that inspired me to become one of the Brothers. It was there that I believed I could make my biggest impact in enabling individuals and communities to be the best that they could be.

Much of my time there was dedicated to studying, including qualifying as a Social Care Worker with the Dublin Institute of Technology. I also got to experience how with the right knowledge and expertise, individuals, groups, and organizations could be enabled to achieve true success.

After eight years of this rewarding work and great personal growth, my time came to move on from the Christian Brothers’ and bring my passion, knowledge, and experience to my next best level and a wider audience.

My work began initially with teenagers and young adults. This involved getting them to take responsibility for themselves and ownership of their own lives and destinies. This then led to being offered and the taking up a leadership position which involved enabling adults, committees, communities, groups, and organizations to be the best that they could be in creating better futures for both themselves and all those with whom they got to work with.

After many years of this work, it was time for me to take the next brave step and move on once again. So, for the last twenty plus years, I have been a writer, speaker, and consultant on personal leadership and achieving true success in work and life.

While being based in Ireland I am regularly invited to travel throughout Europe to give talks, make presentations and lead workshops on leadership and being a leader in your own work and life, setting realistic goals so as to achieve true success in your work and life and using mindfulness and meditation as a way to achieve true success in your work and life.

As well as being an author, speaker and consultant I present the D15 Today Show and the leadership show – Making A Difference on Phoenix FM and hold qualifications in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (University College Dublin), Social Care (Dublin Institute of Technology), Public Administration (Institute of Public Administration (IPA) Dublin), and have an MA in Health Care Management (IPA, Dublin).